WDS Program


UCC Weekday School serves children ages eight weeks through Kindergarten. Our curriculum follows sound early childhood developmental practices and emphasizes age-appropriate activities in a relaxed, loving environment.

At Weekday School, children are given the freedom to be creative while interacting with others their own ages. Emphasis is given to building children’s self-esteem and self-confidence by attaining problem solving skills equal to their development stage. Children at UCC Weekday School learn through play and hands-on experience. Lesson plans and activities are based on the importance of the whole child and tailored to meet the needs of the individual student. Opportunities for children’s growth encompass their emotional, physical and cognitive needs.

While many early childhood education methods are used in the classrooms, our curriculum aligns most closely with HighScope. As a comprehensive, research-based system — one that includes child instruction, staff development, and accountability assessment, HighScope provides a balanced approach for young learners and the people who teach them.

Weekday School is also home to The Mayfield Resource Center which is a point of great pride and excellence at UCC. It houses more than 3,000 children’s books, as well as a wide selection of teaching aids, including items for problem-solving, math, science, dramatic play, puzzles, games, audio/visual aids, and large motor equipment.


• The Weekday School preschool program is a nationally-acclaimed program with an outstanding reputation as a leader in childhood education in Fort Worth.

• Children may come 1, 2, 3 or 5 days a week, depending on age and class availability.

Transitional Kindergarten

• Kindergarten at UCC Weekday School is a wonderful place to be!  Using the Starfall curriculum, we prepare our graduates for the next stage in their life. WDS gives them the tools they need to succeed in public or private school, kindergarten or first grade.

• The Weekday School kindergarten program is a half-day program with a 9-1 ratio of children to teachers.

• This developmental program meets the needs of the whole child, while allowing each child to excel at his/her own rate.

• Major learning areas include language and literacy, cognition, math literacy, physical development, art, music and personal and social skills.

Class Size

UCC Weekday School follows the highest standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children for staffing ratios. Therefore, our ratios are much more rigorous than state required minimum standards.


• Cribs classes: 2 teachers/6 students
• Ones classes: 1 teacher/5 students
• Twos classes: 1 teacher/6 students
• Threes classes: 2 teachers/15 students
• Fours classes: 2 teachers/16 students
• Kindergarten: 2 teachers/18 students


Please note: Adjustments in the number of classes available may occur due to the demand and length of waiting lists.


WDS Teachers bring a wealth of education and experience to our classrooms. Our faculty is provided ongoing training on current early childhood education philosophies and methods.