The Weekday School Way …

What sets us apart from other early childhood education options?

Our rich history in the community. UCC Weekday School was founded in 1967 by a team of educators as a ministry of University Christian Church. It is the oldest, accredited private preschool in Fort Worth and among the first private church-related preschools in the country to receive national accreditation.

Our comprehensive, research-based curriculum. The curriculum is built around teacher- and child-initiated learning activities in several content areas: approaches to learning; language, literacy, & communication; social and emotional development; mathematics; physical development, health, and well-being; and arts and sciences. Active learning — whether planned by adults or initiated by children — is the central element of our program. Children learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas.

Our developmentally appropriate practices. At WDS, the teaching practices, curriculum content and assessment tools are created to be developmentally appropriate. Our students are challenged by the opportunities offered. Teachers and children are active partners in the learning process. This balanced approach to adult-child interaction — also called "intentional teaching" — is critical to the effectiveness of the program. It includes techniques for encouraging learning in specific content areas as well as strategies for helping children resolve conflict.

Our faculty. Our team of more than forty teachers and staff bring a wealth of education and experience to our halls. The diversity of their backgrounds combined with the professional training provided by WDS produces a wonderful team of competent, caring educators.

Our students. Students enter our halls with individual needs and goals --- and we tailor their experience to meet them. Students who “graduate” from WDS are well prepared for the next step in their academic journey. By surrounding them with meaningful opportunities (rather than worksheets and rote), they learn a love of learning.

Our families. We partner with the parents of our students to create the best experience possible. We work with families on an individual basis to determine goals and strategies for their student. And our parents work together via a WDS Advisory Board to provide support to our school and our families.

We encourage you to visit our school. Let us show you the “WDS Way” !