How Can YOU Help at Weekday School?



Parent Volunteers Needed


The UCC Weekday School needs you!


Please complete the checklist below and return it to either WDS office, Room 101 or  Room 124.


ame: _________________________________

Phone:  _________________________________


Times Available:_________________________________



How would you be willing to help?

____  Volunteering in classrooms during Fall Conferences, Oct 7-8

____   Helping with the Spring Party, April 1

____  Helping with the Book Fair, April 11-15

____  Helping with Open House, April 12

____  Volunteering during Picture Week in the Spring

____  Working or helping in classrooms

____  Applying to be a paid substitute

____  Making small repairs

____  Doing something else:  _________________________________



Questions?  Please contact Jennifer Wright

817.319.6621 or jendwright@hotmail.com